Our Biography

Having been brought up in a family with a rich musical tradition, Kolkata-born Smt. Indra Mukherjee, (now Delhi based), was deeply influenced by music in her formative years. Her fascination for Hindustani classical music soon found her under the tutelage of a stalwart like A.T.Kanan of Kirana Gharana. After moving to the capital, Indra has been a disciple of Smt. Savita Devi, eminent exponent of Banaras Gharana, for over two decades.

As pointed out by many a critic, Indra’s melodic voice lends beautifully to her extensive repertoire of Thumari, Dadra, Hori, Kajri, Chaiti and Bhajan.

A graded audio-visual artist, Indra is frequently featured on radio and Television apart from giving several recitals, both in India and abroad.

Indra has done her graduation and post-graduation in Philosophy from Kolkata and Jadavpur University. After completing her Bachelor’s in Education from Kolkata University, she took up teaching for a while. Eventually, she gave in to her first love — music.